Video Diary - Stone Roses Tribute

Since my Stone Roses Tribute build has been a dream of mine for quite some time, I have decided to make a video build diary over the course of the project! The diary entries will be posted to my YouTube Channel: "Fires Creek Guitars". The installments so far (in chronological order) are as follows:

Diary Entry #1 - Mocking up the Pit bull RC-1 kit

Diary Entry #2 - Shaping the Headstock

Diary Entry #3 - Raising Grain & Pore Filling

Diary Entry #4 - Finishing Sanding & Spraying Primer

Diary Entry #5 - Scraping the Binding & Wudtone Neck Finish

Diary Entry #6 - Pollocking

Diary Entry #7 - The Second Coming & Setting the Neck

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