Sunday, 25 August 2013

BC Rich Avenge - Shielding & Pickups

A little more progress on the BC Rich Avenge build with my son Eben this weekend. We managed to get the top and back wet sanded and buffed (although not as nicely as I would have liked - this poly is not behaving itself, and patience is not a 9 year old's virtue) and also got the pickup cavities shielded.

After shielding, we grounded the bridge and installed the pickups with their chrome surrounds. The pickups are the Entwistle HVX which I have read rave reviews about. I was looking at some Entwistle soapbars for another project a few weeks ago, and my son saw the HVX's and had to have them (go figure). Anyway they look great and I'm sure will sound awesome. I would have preferred Entwistle Darkstar pickups on this particular project (given the thrasher motif) but I was overruled.

Anyway, things are nearing completion. Just the neck to go on and the control cavity to do. We have already had plenty of fun soldering up the wiring harness, so that can just drop in now. Sounds like next weekend's project!