Monday, 18 November 2013

Les Paul Florentine - Unboxing

I started a new build today, with the arrival of a Pitbull Guitars ES-2T set neck kit as an awesomely unexpected (and much appreciated!) birthday present. Un-boxing was commenced in haste, and the unassuming cardboard box divested its awesome contents.

The kit is a semi-hollow model with dual f-holes and a nice quilted maple cap. The headstock is pre-shaped and looks pretty schmick, and the rosewood fretboard has nice trapezoidal MOP inlays. The cap and the f-holes are both surrounded in neat white binding, and both the bridge and stop bar have been left undrilled just in case a trapeze tailpiece and floating bridge are desired. Hmm, that's not a bad idea at all!

 So what do I have planned for this bad boy? Well, it's an awesome looking kit and I want to make the most of it - a bit of extra-special treatment. I am thinking a wine-red Colortone dye with black grain highlighting and sexy gold hardware. I'm not too fond of the twirly-whirly tailpiece that came with the kit, so in addition to a gold upgrade I have dialed it back and ordered a new 335 style trapeze in gold. I think I will forego the floating bridge in favour of a fixed ABR-1 tuno-matic bridge just to make re-stringing easier. With the body having the solid central block (like all semi-hollow bodies) the sustain will benefit greatly from having a fixed bridge anyway.

In terms of pickups, I am coveting a pair of GFS Dream 180s in Gold and Pearl (pictured above), surrounded by gold plated brass humbucker surrounds and delivered through a 50s vintage wiring harness. Man do these pickups sound awesome - have a listen:

Should look vintage-fucking-awesome against the wine red body, especially with the gold surrounds. Some gold tuners (naturally) will top the whole thing off - I'm thinking Wilkinson EZI-lock. I mean how awesome does all that sound? I know! I can't wait to get started.

First step - fitting the set neck with a bit of Titebond, doing a fret level and re-crown and then a mock-up assembly to make sure all the hardware fits. I have to wait for my new parts to arrive, so maybe I'll slip in a little sanding as well before the mock-up. Stay tuned!