Sunday, 1 December 2013

Les Paul Florentine: Dying the Back and Sides

Well, I finally got the dye on the sides and back of the Les Paul Florentine. I used the same wine-red colour that I mixed up for the front - 90% Cherry and 10% Blue Colortone dye.

The grain on the back of the guitar has come up really nicely, and the contrast with the front of the guitar (I wanted the back of the guitar a little darker) is good. It's amazing that even though this is only basswood, there's some real flame figure happening there! The colour is looking rather pink on the front now that it is fully dry, but both will darken up a quite bit as the Tru-Oil goes on.

The dye went on without incident (it's uniform at least), although there were one or two minor glue spots that I missed during sanding. For these I'll have to do a bit more sanding and then patch up the dye job.

Once the dye is finished, the next job is to scrape the binding, both in the f-holes and around the top edge. For me, that's the most stressful part of this whole process. Stay tuned!