Monday, 9 December 2013

Tru-Oil Tip: When It's Getting Old and Grainy..

I have just discovered a neat fix for Tru-Oil that has started to oxidise and has gotten grainy and isn't wiping on smooth. A luthier from the Pitbull forum (Gavin Bramley) recommended mixing some Shellite (Naphtha) with the Tru-Oil and giving it a shake. The Shellite disolves the grains back into the mix and brings the Tru-Oil back to its original smooth state. Briliant!

Just tried it out on my Florentine build - I had stopped short due to highly gritty Tru-Oil (which I discovered too late to avoid) and was waiting on a replacement bottle. No need for it now. Cheers! Instead I am due for a few days of careful wet-sanding to try and remove as much of the gritty finish as I can before I start re-applying. Fun times!