Friday, 28 March 2014

Solid Body PRS: Unboxing

I scored myself a bargain today. A flamed maple PRS-style solid body kit from DIYGuitars Australia. The kit was $99AUD delivered for just the neck and body. For any kit with a nice maple cap that's a super price!!

As previously stated, the kit comes with a flamed maple cap over a body of basswood. The kit is set-neck with a nice tight neck fit - there is not one mm of movement side to side, and the end of the neck fits snugly against the bottom of the neck pickup cavity with the pickup installed. The maple cap is beautiful and will looks fantastic with some ColorTone stain and Tru-Oil.

I'm thinking about a Turquoise dye job - a 50/50 mix of ColorTone blue and green, with the flame maple popped with a darker mix. I've never attempted this colour before, so should be interesting! The kit came with nothing but the wood. This means that I will have to cut a control cavity cover myself.

I've got plenty of pickguard material around here to choose from, so no sweat there. But, it will be yet another first for this build!

Lastly, I have to choose some hardware for the build; most importantly the choice of bridge. I have several bridges here to choose from - an intonated wrap around bridge, a tune-o-matic bridge with either stop or trapeze tailpiece, or even a strat-like stop bridge. I'm leaning towards the trapeze tailpiece, but as you may have noticed from my previous builds I'm a real sucker for the trapeze!

Anyway, there are plenty of options. The pickups in the photo will probably be replaced by others. I'm not a big fan of plastic pickup rings, and I may source some flashier pickups from GFS. With so many choices to make, I'm very excited about getting this kit underway. It should be a great one, so stay tuned!!