Friday, 7 March 2014

Stone Roses Tribute: 2 Coats of Primer

After a week of preparation I finally got the first coats of primer onto the body and headstock of the RC-1 today. I filled the pores with a slurry of Timbermate after sanding to 400 grit, and then sanded back with 400 until nothing was left on the surface. Finished it off with 600 and then 800 grit before I was finally in a position to spray.

The initial 2 coats are on and it's starting to look like something! I'm liking the way it is turning out. Now that I've removed the masking to make sure all is well on the neck and the binding, I'll be re-applying new masking and then adding a final coat of primer. There's a couple of places where the masking has been placed a little low and has covered up a little of the wood (see below).

This needs to be rectified. Also, the current coats are still a little thin on the back, so one more coat  will not go astray there.

With the last coat of primer in place, I am planning on shooting 2 coats of white gloss acrylic. The body will then be ready for the Pollock/Squire inspired splattering to begin. I can't wait!!!