Friday, 11 April 2014

Solid Body PRS: 2nd Turquoise Dye Pass

This morning I set about improving the dye job on the basswood body of the PRS. I sanded back in places where the dye was heavy and then gave the whole this a pretty concentrated hit with the 1:1 mix of green and blue Colortone. The body has come up much better now, although the basswood figure is still very pronounced on the back. I'm liking it (looks more green with the flash - without it looks blue!)

On the front veneer I took the concentrated dye and created a subtle burst. I thought about adding some black to the mix to darken the burst, but the black just muddies the colour in my opinion so although I would have liked a darker burst, I think I'll keep it as it is now.

You can really see the difference in colour depending on whether I use the camera flash or not! Anyway - darker burst or no - I'm pretty happy with how it's looking. Wonder what the Tru-Oil will do to the colour?