Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Surf Monster Telecaster: Paint Going On!

The Surf Monster Telecaster is really looking like something now. I sanded the body down to 400 grit, filled the pores with Timbermate and then sanded again down to 800 grit. Smooth as a baby's wassname. I didn't take a photo, but the wood looked really nice with the pores filled. Some really nice grain there. Looked almost like ash or alder - if this stuff is only basswood then i'll be buggered. Very nice! I admit that I did stop for 15 minutes to debate whether to change the finish to a stain, but I decided to forge ahead with the original plan.

After the sanding I hit the body with 3 coats of white primer, wet sanding the small imperfections with 1200 grit after each coat. No spray booth here in Holgate, so unfortunately the odd small bug got stuck in the finish. At one stage I did the unthinkable and tried to get rid of the bug with my finger in the wet finish. That's a paddling...! Anyway, with the sanding between coats it eventually came up very nice and smooth.

After the primer, it was time to shoot the colour. So far I've got one coat of Ironlak 'Linz Iceberg' on there and it's looking pretty sweet. A little too much colour for a perfect seafoam green, but I'm pretty darn happy with it anyhow! Should look great with the simple plain white pickguard. Or should I swap it out now for a perloid one??

There were a few issues with the first coat. Unfortunately, the Ironlak's spray can nozzle was spitting out drips like you wouldn't believe. These will need to be sanded out before the next coat. I have some replacement nozzles here (low volume thin line ones) so I may try one of them with the next coat, although a thin line nozzle really isn't the best for this application. I'll also sit the can in warm water for 10 minutes before spraying to help with the atomization.

This week I also received a set of GFS 63 Tele Vintage Wound Professional Series Pickups for this baby from Guitarfetish. Can't wait to get them in and hear what they sound like. Before that can happen, there's acrylic clear coats, the long wait until it cures, and the hours of buffing to get through.

I've also got 52 Tele Vintage Wound Professional Series Pickups waiting to go into the Flamed Telecaster, so it will be great to hear the difference between them!