Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Scratch Pine Toronado: Ready for Routing

Well, I'm still waiting for my router bits and cavity templates to arrive (come on DHL!!). However, in the meantime I have finished sanding the body blank ready for routing. It's really smooth now and looking pretty damn awesome! It's about as perfect as I can get it without a thicknesser. Here's how it went..

Step 1: I started with 40 grit paper, sanding across the grain in an effort to flatten the individual pieces down to an equal height. The 40 grit paper took the wood down pretty quickly, but even still it took about 5 sheets per side to get it close to flat.

Step 2: I continued with 40 grit paper, but this time with the grain. The object here was to remove the machining marks from the previous step. After 2 sheets per side, I went on to 80 grit paper to remove the rest of the 40 grit machining marks. After 2 more sheets of 80 grit per side I was satisfied.

Step 3: Finally, I moved up to 180 grit paper, applying 2 sheets per side to get the blank really nice and smooth.

Pretty schmick huh? You'd agree if you could run your hand over it ;). The grain is looking pretty nice I think. Hopefully I can do it justice when I stain.  Anyway, It looks so good that I'm getting pretty nervous now that I'm gonna ruin all my good work with a runaway router. I guess I'll just have to wait and see I suppose!

The router is a pretty mean beastie by all accounts (I've never ever used one before), so let's hope I can bend it to my will. As soon as the router bits arrive I plan to do some test cuts on scrap before attempting the neck pocket. Stay tuned!