Saturday, 2 August 2014

James' Les Paul Jnr DC: Pore Filling

Jame's Les Paul Jnr Double Cut is coming along very nicely. In preparation for the Wudtone colour coats, I have now sanded the body with 180 grit and 240 grit on the front and back. Since the end-grain typically takes up more colour, I have sanded it a little more - down to 360 grit. At this stage it was time to pore fill, to even up the surface (this will pay dividends when we are looking for a glossy finish) and to pop the grain in this basswood body.

As usual, I used a slurry of Timbermate - a great Australian product - to fill the pores. This time around I used a colour called "Blackwood" to fill the basswood.

To my mind it looks much much better than the "Maple" I was previously using. The Maple tended to look more pink than anything else, while Blackwood is adding a nice caramel hue to the wood.

The Timbermate slurry was brushed onto the body, both with the grain and against it and then left to dry. The idea is to get the little particles embedded down in the grain as tightly as possible.

The Timbermate was left overnight to dry completely, and then sanded off with 360 grit sandpaper. Timbermate sands really easily, although it does get a little dusty. The effect left behind in the basswood was really satisfying - the grain has popped beautifully, with the subtle flame that you sometimes see in basswood coming to the fore. With a little metholated spirits wiped over the body to remove the remainder of the sanding dust, the grain looks really spectacular!

The caramel hues of the Blackwood Timbermate are already adding a butterscotch colour to the body, and should compliment the Wudtone very nicely. I can't wait to start getting the colour coats on!