Thursday, 8 January 2015

James' Les Paul Jnr: All Finished

Well, James' Double Cut Les Paul Junior was finally completed today - it was a long push to get the wiring in, the frets levelled, and a new bone nut filed, but it's all done now! With the new nut, the action at the 1st fret is nice and low, but in the end the neck also needed a shim to allow the action to be as low as possble all the way down the neck. To create a shim, I used a piece of plastic milk bottle the width as the neck heel and half the length. It was a simple matter of cutting it out with scissors and pushing the neck screws through the plastic in place.

Now she plays beautifully, and the sound from the P90 is fantastic - despite being just the stock pickup fron the factory! I'm really loving the satin finish on this baby - thanks to the Butterscotch Wudtone. For my own DC Jnr, I applied a gloss finish with some wipe on poly over the top of the Wudtone, but I'm really liking this satin finish even more.

Just beautiful, if I do say so myself ;) ! I do love this model. Great look and killer sound all in a nice neat package with only a few working parts. Awesome. I'll be handing this one over to James in the next day or so. Hopefully I'll be able to get a sound demo out of him! Stay tuned for that.