Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pickup Winder: She's Spinning

Well, today I put the finishing touches on the enclosure and the spindle for the custom pickup winder. She's a little dodgy - accurate woodwork has never been my forte - but she will server the purpose for which she's intended.

In the case that a fault develops, or I want to enhance its  functionality, the lid has been hinged to allow easy access, and I've installed a big fuck-off knob on the speed pot so that my sausage fingers can use it easily. I was also able to replace the existing forward/off/reverse switch on the motor controller with a much more enclosure friendly option. It seems that the switch just reverses the DC voltage across the motor.

So anyway, I'm pretty happy with how she's turned out. Here's my new toy in action - it's rivetting stuff...

All I need now are a few supplies. I'm waiting on a brass rod to make a wire guide on the right hand side just below the line of the spindle. I also need to pick up some wire and pickup kits so that I can get winding! My first aim is to get a set of hot strat pickups wound for my recent stratocaster build.