Monday, 23 January 2017

Jazz Bass: Wiring & Assembly

I finally got this bad boy assembled and wired up today. This time around, as the bridge pickup cavity wasn't really shield-able, I didn't bother shielding either of the pickup cavities at all. I just whipped out the Slugga snail-tape and shielded the control cavity. The omission of the shielding on the pickup cavities seems to have done very little to increase the noise level - something to remember for future builds. I have read elsewhere that it isn't necessary, and even some who say it affects the brightness of the pickups so go figure.

Shielding by "Slugga".
With just 4 solder points, I had the remainder of the control wiring together and making noise in no time. Man, I love the ease with which these F-type kits go together. 4 wires soldered, and everything is done? Magic. Pitbull really do provide the goods with these pre-soldered control cavity covers.

Jazz Bass Wiring is amazingly quick with a pre-soldered control cover.

And so with the wiring done and the covers screwed down, she is finally making a nice clean, low boomp - boomp sound; especially from the neck pickup. Niiiice. Can you tell I'm not a bass player?? Well, I'm not. But I'll still try to do a sound demo once she's finished. How hard can this bass playing be ??? :P

Seafoam goodness gives a really nice looking instrument.

The all important headstock signage.
Ready to join the flock!

I still have to do a fret level, a re-crown, and adjust the height of the nut, but to be honest she's playing quite nicely already. In no time at all she'll be a permanent resident of the guitar rack!