Monday, 12 June 2017

Ricky 4001 Bass - Well, She's Dead.

I got a little time today to go through some of the fallout from the fire and try to salvage the one remaining build-in-progress. Unfortunately, Looks like this one is ded as well. If there was any doubt about the caustic nature of electronics smoke/soot then here's all the evidence you need. I started sanding down the body with 360 grit to see if I could get it clean. The wood was actually coming up OK until I saw that the binding on the heel of the body had bubbled very badly as a result of soot exposure. I tried for 20 minutes to sand the bubbles out, but here's what I ended up with. The soot has eaten huge holes out. right down to the wood underneath.

Electrical soot is cautic shit. It even eats through plastic binding.
Looks like this build, along with its brothers, will be going into the rubbish. Someone with more skills could probaby replace the binding, but sadly that isn't me. Of all the builds I thought this one might survive as I'd planned a full body paint. But sadly it isn't to be.