Friday, 5 July 2013

BC Rich Avenge - Sanding, Pore Filling, Grain Raising

More holiday fun yesterday as my son and I sanded the Avenge kit through successive sand paper grades from 260 through 320 to 400. This was all done primarily with the orbital sander. The old sanding block was only trundled out for the sides. It was then time to fill the pores. We used a slurry of Timbermate - a good Australian product - after the first round of 400 grit to achieve this.

The entire surface was covered with the mixture and pushed into the pores using t-shirt material rubbing in small circles against the grain. Excess was squeegeed off and allowed to dry.

A second sanding with 400 grit (now with sanding block only) returned the surface to its former glory. It was then time to continue on the sanding block to lightly go over the body first with 600 and then 800 grit. The final preparation before primer was to raise the grain using methylated spirits to soak the wood. Once dry, we rubbed the now stubbled surface against the grain with coarse weave cheese-cloth. The result was a guitar top that feels like glass :). The end-grain was a little more stubborn, requiring a lick of the 800 paper to smooth it. Can't wait to see how this baby comes up with a little colour sprayed on her!