Sunday, 7 July 2013

BC Rich Avenge - A Splash of Colour, A Lick of Flame

Today we got the base colour coats on both the neck and the body. Both colours look great - very well chosen by my young assistant. We had a couple of lumps to contend with between coats (a result of uneven pressure on the nozzle from small fingers) but these were easily sanded off with 800 grit. Final coats look great.

After the first colour was dry on the body (this light colour will become the colour of the hot rod flames) it was time to cut out our frisket sheet and mask off our flame pattern.

The mask went on easily (not sure how easily it's going to come off however) and we re-sprayed over the top with our dark blue base colour. Remarkably, this coat went on without incident and looks like we'll have a nice single coat of paint from which to extract the frisket. I've used frisket before to mask off inlay, and let me tell you, after 4 layers of paint, the frisket becomes all but irretrievable! 

All that is left now is to airbrush a black drop-shadow on the edge of the flame mask to complete the effect. That's tomorrow's job after the blue coat is completely dry.

I have very high hopes for how this bad boy is going to turn out. My son can't wait to start wiping on the Minwax poly!