Thursday, 11 July 2013

BC Rich Avenge - The Frisket is Off

Owing to a skills shortage (mine), my plans to paint a drop shadow behind the flames using an airbrush fell by the wayside today. What that means is that with mounting excitement we could remove the frisket from the body to reveal the flames underneath.  

All went smoothly until we realized that the frisket on the back did not meet. There was a tiny gap left between the sheets, and a line of blue paint was visible. I dragged out the light blue paint and attempted a touch up. You can see the small strip of wet paint where the line was. if this doesnt work too well, i'll have to mask it off and attempt a better patch using the spray can.

Anyway, even with this little setback, my son is very happy with the results. Hopefully it's on to the Minwax wipe on poly tomorrow, unless I have to patch the aforementioned stuff up. To be honest, I don't think there's much chance of avoiding it. Oh well, them's the breaks.