Monday, 15 July 2013

12 String 335 - The Hardware has Arrived!

My hardware arrived for the 335 build today; pickups, solid metal humbucker mounting rings, and a trapeze tailpiece all in beautiful shiny chromey goodness.

The pickups are Surf 90's from Guitarfetish (GFS). These have received rave reviews from all quarters, and I'm expecting them to really bring the jangle. These pickups were specifically recommended for a 12 string application by the guys at GFS. Suffice to say I have high hopes for the sound. The humbucker mounting rings are also from GFS, and will require some bending to fit the archtop of the guitar. I love the low profile look to them much better than the bulk of the regular humbucker rings, and it's always better to have real metal rather than chrome plated plastic. I'm going to use them on all my builds in the future!

The 12 string trapeze tailpiece is from Allparts and completes the setup. It's not the flashiest tailpiece around, but it was really hard to find any 12 string tailpieces at all! I do like the simple lines it provides however - it compliments the lines of the flamed maple finish. It's going to look awesome with the strings on.

Once I complete the True-Oil finish (only a final wet sand and a polish to go now!), I have only to drill the holes for the bridge posts, and then all these badboys will find themselves installed. I have ordered a set of Brad-Point drill bits from StewMac, so hopefully they will arrive soon. This build is really nearing the finishing line now, and excitement is growing!