Saturday, 14 September 2013

BC Rich Avenge - The Beast Roars!

Well, Eben and I put the finishing touches on the BC Rich Avenge kit today. The chrome hardware looks awesome against the blue metallic paint, and the whole genre crossover lends this guitar a much more engaging look than just your standard black metal monster etc.

For those about to rock..!
Eben couldn't be happier with his new axe. I must admit that, while the whole BC Rich metal thing is not really my style, the finished guitar looks absolutely spectacular hanging with my others. Unbelievably so. The hot-rod flames came up a treat, and I think the colours that Eben chose were perfect for the design. I can't think of any other combation that would have worked as well.

The Entwistle HBX pickups sound absolutely awesome through my overdriven Fender Reverb amp, and I would again recommend Entwistle pickups to anyone in the market for an affordable option to their stock offerings. Surrounded by chrome rings, these pickups look the shit and sound it!

On the negative side, I must say that I'm not too impressed with the Minwax wipe-on poly, at least for guitar applications. It may have been because we didn't allow adequate curing time, or that we simply didn't put enough coats on (although we did close to 20 by my estimation), but the poly seems to chip at the slightest bump, an lifts when drilling through it. Not at all what I had expected.

In conclusion, I am very happy with the build. The original kit from Pitbull was of high quality and fit together perfectly without the need for neck shims, or any kind of body or cavity modification. Whilst we had to do the paint job twice, (maybe one day I'll have a build with no do-overs) it came out much better than expected for a noobish first attempt at flames. With a fret level and re-crown the action on the guitar is sweet. The only thing it is lacking is a new bone nut.

To be honest, the result is so damn good (not to blow my own trumpet or anything ;) ), that I'm now planning a future telecaster build for myself with exactly the same flame paint job. Keep your eyes peeled for that one!