Sunday, 15 September 2013

Siena's Stratocaster - Unboxing & Perloiding

I started a new build today in honour of my neice Siena's 10th birthday. She has requested an 'Aqua' electric guitar, and what better way to deliver it than with a custom Stratocaster. Based on a Pitbull guitars ST-1 kit, I will attempt to use Wudtone for the first time with this build, mixing a custom colour from two off the shelf colours 'Surfer Girl' and 'T-Bird' to create the desired 'Aqua' shade. Let's hope it doesnt all end in tears!

I have already swapped out the stock pickguard for a nicer perloid one and things are already looking good. There were a few tense moments there when I thought the knob on the selector switch wouldn't budge, but in the end my fiendishly strong IT muscles won against the factory knob installation and I managed to swap all the electronics over to the new guard. With all the electrics pre-soldered on this beast, this build really shouldn't take too long? We'll see..

Perloid pickgurd installed. Plenty of Strato-doodads still to decypher..

The next step is to do a mock build to make sure all the parts go together correctly, and to positon the bridge and neck to reflect the correct scale length. The strat anatomy is still a mystery to me - there's springs and other unusual doodads to get my head around, but that's all part of the fun.

Given that this is my first strat, I'm going to try and document the build with as much detail as possible. Stay tuned for more Strato-goodness to come.