Friday, 20 September 2013

Siena's Stratocaster - Two Coats of Vintage Amber Wudtone

Got the second coat of Vintage Amber Wudtone on the neck today. Before I started, I rubbed the neck down with 0000 steel wool. With a little persperation I was able to take off quite a bit of finish from the places where the colour was uneven. As a result, the starting finish was a lot more uniform when it came time to apply the second coat.

The Wudtone went on even easier this second time around without the thirsty wood to grab hold of it. Using long brush strokes with the grain, I was able to create quite an even finish across the entire length of the neck and the front of the headstock. The amber is already now quite dark, so I dont think I'll be applying a third coat. To be honest, one coat would have been perfect if I could just have managed something resembling even.

Anyway, I'm qute satisfied with the result and can't wait to see how she looks with the top coat on!