Wednesday, 16 October 2013

ES175 Hollowbody - The Hardware is Here!

Today I received the hardware for my ES175 build. The excitement is really building now - you can see how this beast is going to come together. I have a Bigsby B70, Bigsby small bridge, and a set of Nashville Retrotron pickups from Guitar Fetish. I'm considering going to chrome knobs as well - just like Gretsch's Orange 6120. What do you guys think of the choice? It isn't Gibson standard I know, but I think it looks awesome with the orange.

I think that this bad boy is really looking the business now. This is going to be one psychobilly beast! The chrome humbucker surrounds and the Bigsby bridge need a little bending to more closely fit the archtop (see the gaps?) but that should be a reasonably straightforward fix. I have only applied the Medium Stewmac ColorTone Polishing Compound to the Tru-Oil at the moment (after wet-sanding to 2000 grit), so that leaves Fine and Swirl Remover to go before I can put this baby together. Oh, and there's the small matter of a wiring harness to build. I better get rubbing and soldering!!