Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Siena's Stratocaster - Cavity Shielding

After leaving the guitar a few days to cure, I got the cavity shielding done today on Siena's stratocaster. It was quite a big job - that swimming pool under the strat scratch plate is a doozy. After testing Stewmac's shielding paint and finding it wanting, I fell back to using good old copper foil with conductive adhesive - the exact same stuff that I used for the back of the scratch plate.

Once both the swimming pool and the output jack cavity had been lined top to bottom in foil, i ran a wire between the two sections and soldered it in place to make sure there was a conductive bridge between them. The wire is held in place against the wall of the cavity with another piece of conductive foil. This should hopefully keep it out of harms way.

I'm still not quite finished with the copper foil. I still have to add tape around the top edge of both cavities so that they can contact the scratch plate/output jack cover to create a gap-free faraday cage. I'm going to wait until the final polishing has been done on the body first though, since the foil will just collect the polishing compound and generally get in the way.