Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Stone Roses Tribute: Headstock Finalised

As you may have seen in the second instalment of my build diary, I finally got my headstock shaped for the Stone Roses RC-1 build. A little jig-saw and belt sander action left me with the headstock almost complete - just a few burn marks to take care of with some 180 and 240 grit sand paper.

In no time I had the original 'shark-fin' look that the Rickenbacker 330's are known for. Pretty sweet. I'm going to go for a clear Wudtone finish on the neck and back of the headstock, so it was important to get rid of all the burn marks from the belt sander before going any further. It was worth it! The maple neck and headstock looks real puurdy and should contrast well with the white headstock face. Now for more sanding!