Friday, 28 March 2014

Stone Roses Tribute: Procrastination Anyone?

So, for a week or more now there's been no progress on the Stone Roses Tribute build. There's been a couple of contributing factors but the main reason, now that it comes to it, is that I'm nervous about starting. Once that paint hits the guitar there's no going back!

And so in the spirit of complete and utter procrastination, and to vet my splatter technique one last time, I built a life-size prototype of the guitar out of 6mm ply, painted it with the same primer and gloss enamel used to prep the actual guitar body, and got the kids to fling paint at it. I could have had the kids flinging paint at the actual guitar body but hey.

There was one useful outcome of the exercise. This time around I varied the amount of paint used on the guitar compared to my first prototype, with a much smaller amount of paint, and fewer paint passes used to create the effect. I had looked at my first prototype long and hard and was starting to worry that it was too busy. The result of the changes to our technique was a guitar with much more white space.

Which do you guys think looks better? The consensus from the interweb is a unanimously in favour of the initial prototype. I think I agree! And so, the procrastination has reaching it's logical termination. The only thing left to do now is to bite the bullet and start-a-splattering. Watch this space!