Monday, 31 March 2014

Surf Monster Telecaster: Test-Fit

Today I managed to complete the test-fit for the seafoam green telecaster I'm currently building.  As you may have read in the threads for my other kit builds, it is very important to get everything on your guitar kit fitting together nicely before you start the finishing process. If you skip this step, chances are you'll reach the assembly steps of the build with some woodworking that needs to be done. When that happens, say goodbye to the pristine finish you spent weeks getting perfect!

Anyhoo, the kit from Guitar Builder Store Australia went together without a hitch using the supplied bridge, scratchplate and control cover. There was no woodworking to be done at all!

In particular, the neck fit was very good, and no work needed to be done at the bottom of the neck pocket to better fit the neck heel. Awesome! Another surprise was the scratchplate which fit snuggly around the base of the neck; again without any adjustment necessary! All-in-all I'm very, very happy with how this kit has fit together. I can't fault it - kudos to GBSA!

With the neck screwed in, it was a very simple process to position the bridge to get the high and low E strings running straight up the neck to the nut and sitting equidistant over the neck and bridge pickups. The bridge pickup in particular aligned perfectly with the E strings sitting directly over their respective pole pieces. Brilliant!

With this done, it was a simple matter of drilling all the screw holes, tightening everything down, and I was done. Nothing to do now but to shape the headstock and then get the body ready for it's coat of seafoam green gloss acrylic.

I'm staying with all stock hardware on this one, including the pickups - something I've never done before. I can't wait to see how she plays!