Tuesday, 29 April 2014

335 Semi-hollow Bass: Dying the Neck

Today I finally got around to putting some Colortone dye on the neck of the 335 Semi-hollowbody bass. It's been a long time coming! Next time I must do all the dying at the same time while the original colour concentrations are in the pots.

The burst on the headstock and sides of the neck turned out ok. I'm satisfied with it, and it matchs the body pretty well. I'm planning to use some Wudtone neck top-coat over the Colortone dye on the neck. I've never done this before, so to be honest I'm not even sure it will work. Dyed wood is just like raw wood right? The only thing missing is the Wudtone base coat. Should be ok right? Well, we will soon see...