Friday, 25 April 2014

Stone Rose Tribute: Poly Fails == Do-over

Ok so I made the difficult decision today to stop adding the poly to the Stone Roses Tribute and to give up on the finish. Although the paint job looked awesome when first completed, subsequent layers of both Minwax Wipe-on Poly and Cabots Polyurethane had muddied the colours to such an extent that I just didn't like looking at it any more. It was muddy and green and horrible.

Well, C'est la vie. Out comes the scraper..

I haven't had a solid colour build that hasn't involved a do-over. I had hoped that this build would be the exception, but unfortunately not. And I was sooo happy with the paint job on this one too !!! Oh well...

I will be repainting the body in exactly the same manner as before. The difference this time is that I wont be shooting for a level, or even a gloss finish. Just a few layers of satin clear over the paint and I'll leave it at that.