Monday, 14 April 2014

Solid Body PRS: 3 Coats of Tru-Oil

Well, I've now got 3 coats of Tru-oil on the PRS. Unfortunately, the amber hue of the oil has turned the once turquoise colour more towards green. Nonetheless she's still looking pretty sweet - the flamed figure is really starting to pop, and the chatoyance is deepening more and more.

For the neck finish, I've decided to go with a Wudtone Vintage Yellow neck kit. With the rock maple neck sanded to 400 grit, I've currently got one application of the Wudtone base coat on and drying. I'll post a pic of the neck when the base coats are done. The face of the headstock will get turquoise Colortone and Tru-oil like the body.