Sunday, 13 April 2014

Stone Roses Tribute: Psychedelic Pollocking Complete

Well today I finally finished the Pollock inspired colour coats on my Stone Roses Tribute build. With the last splatter coat in place on the sides, this boring piece of basswood has been transformed into a masterpiece of psychedelia :P. In the end the paint job came out very close to what I was shooting for and I think it looks awesome! I just can't stop going back to look at it!

All the masking went exactly to plan. There was quite a bit of paint on the top of the binding, and it took some very careful work with an exacto blade and my binding scraper jig to get it all clean. But, in the end, it's clean as a whistle and looking very professional indeed ;).

Next step is to decide on a way to get this bad boy clear coated. I am strongly leaning towards Minwax wipe-on poly for this one as it will be simple to apply and may well fill some of the valleys between splatter pretty nicely.