Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stone Roses Tribute: Colours are Building

The colours are continuing to build on the Stone Roses Tribute build. I'm up to colour 8 of 9 now and the white background is starting to be in the minority. The brighter hues are disappearing, but they will make a come back with the second cycle through the colour list.

After the 7th colour layer - Dark Grey

After the 8th colour layer - White

The look has definitely changed since layer 5. Each colour brings something new to the mix. I'm not that happy with the current incarnation, but the point at the moment is to build background. In that respect it's definitely coming along. I definitely went overboard with the dark grey in layer 7 and I'm kicking myself for it, but I'm hoping that when I re-visit the blues and red that will be largely painted over.