Sunday, 6 April 2014

Solid Body PRS - Headstock Shaped

Hello out there in google-blogger-land. Today it's raining in Holgate so instead of mowing the lawn and chainsawing firewood and the miriad other chores that the weekend brings, I could work on my PRS instead! Two tasks remain before I can begin the finishing proper on this little beasty, and the first of them - shaping the headstock - I was able to get completed today.

The headstock blank supplied with the kit from DIY Guitars was nicely shaped to permit a facsimille of the standard PRS headstock. This, then, is what I went for.

It was a fairly easy shape to produce, requiring only a quick freehand sketch and some work with the jigsaw and belt sander to get it 95% complete. The majority of the time, though, was taken getting the last of the belt-sander induced burn out of the top cutaway with 240 grit sandpaper. I think it looks the business!