Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Solid Body PRS: Shredder's are Go!

Well, she is all put together and she looks amazing. Today I received my CTS 500K pots and Sprague Orange Drop capacitor in the mail and they went straight into the control cavity. From there it was a relatively painless job to get the rest of the wiring soldered in and the Switchcraft jack with stylish oval jackplate installed.

I really love how this build has ended up, from the beautiful flame maple veneer to the Wudtone Vintage Yellow neck, from the art-deco trapeze tailpiece to the jet black headstock. Of course the bird inlay stickers are the icing on the cake.

I wish I was skilled enough to add *real* fretboard inlay to my bulds, but at the moment the stickers will have to do. I've done a few bends over them and they seem to be staying in place, although I haven't got any Dr Ducks Axe Wax on there yet!

Even the basswood body came up very nicely with the Colortone dye and Tru-Oil finish. I was a bit disappointed with the final colour (as the original turquoise went green under the influence of the Tru-Oil) but that's a lesson learned. With my next build I'm going to try blue Colortone dye with just Acrylic Clear over the top. We'll see how much chatoyance we achieve without the Tru-Oil..

Anyway, I've managed to get quite a low action on this baby and she plays like a dream. The GFS Surf-90 pickups sound really nice - a good vintage growl - and they sound really nice both clean and through the overdrive. It's not too heavy, and is very balanced on the strap. I'll be shredding this bad boy (if you can call what I do shredding ;) ) for the next few weeks no doubt!!