Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mosrite Ventures Mk II: The Paint is On!

Well today I got the painting finished on the Johnny Ramone Mosrite Ventures Mk II (fingers crossed!!). In the end I put 4 coats of primer on there with a gentle sanding of 800 grit in between each. It would have only been 3 coats, but on the 3rd coat a mosquito got stuck in the primer and had to be extricated. Here's how she looked with the primer dry and ready for gloss.

With the body nice and clean and smooth after the primer, I was a tad hesitant to go ahead with the gloss. Nothing like taking a beautiful surface and marring it with some spray fail like drops of paint, insects or dust. Anyway, I had to bite the bullet sometime! And so it came to pass that, after two coats of gloss acrylic, with absolutely zero mishaps (phew!), the body came to look as it does now.

Do the photos really look any different?? Well, believe me they are ;). Two perfect coats of acrylic gloss white and now ready for clear coats. Yet another chance to mar the surface, but a chance which I'm going to have to take! I'm going to let the gloss acrylic cure for about a week before attempting clear coats to avoid any issues with cracking and so on.

Anyway, she's really coming together now. The neck has 8 coats of Tru-Oil and is feeling nice and smooth. Two more coats with 2000 grit wet sanding in-between and I'll call that done. Stay tuned punk rockers!!