Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mosrite Ventures Mk II: Pore Filled Body, Oiled Neck

Today saw the 5th layer of Tru-Oil go on the neck of the Johnny Ramone Mosrite. Despite the neck ending up a tad more "yellow" than Johnny's original, I'm really digging how the neck is shaping up. The colour is bright and the Tru-Oil has produced a depth of finish that is really remarkable.

I've been giving the oil a very light steel wool in between coats, and after the 4th coat I gave it a light sand with 1500 grit wet and dry. I think I'll give it another few coats, with another lick of 1500 in between each, and see how she feels. It's already feeling smooth and looking shiny, so I don't think it will take many more coats before I am satisfied.

While the Tru-Oil has been drying, I've also been sanding the body. I started with 180 grit and gave the body two solid sessions, concentrating on the end-grain. I'm not sure I got *all* the machining marks out, but I did my best. Since I'm painting this axe a solid colour, it doesn't much matter if they all come out. Any remaining mess will be removed during pore filling.

After 180 grit I moved to 240 grit, where I again gave the body a really good work over. After 240 grit, it was on to 360 and then I pore filled the body with a slurry of Maple coloured Timbermate.

The Timbermate was sanded off with 400 grit paper. In the process of sanding it off, I dropped the body on the concrete (!!!!). There were no major shape deformations, but I did created a few small scratches and scrapes here and there. This meant going back to the Timbermate (as putty/filler this time) and patching it all up. I was not a happy boy let me tell you!

Anyway, she's patched up and sanded to 400. Shame this isn't a stained build as the Timbermate has really brought out the grain on this body. When I wet the body down with Metholated Spirits to clean the fine Timbermate dust off, I couldn't help admiring what a nice piece of basswood this is - and I don't often get to say that!

Anyway next steps are a quick sand with 600 and 800 grit paper and then on with the primer. The excitement is building!!