Saturday, 19 July 2014

Stone Roses Tribute: Clear Coats

Well, it's crunch time again - time for the clear coats to go on to the Stone Roses Tribute RC-1. And with the memory of this build's last bitter failure still fresh in my mind, I decided to steer well away from Polyurethane in any of its many forms. So too, since my success rate with spray on Acrylic Lacquer is still less than 100%, I'm also reticent to go down that path with the Tribute either.

So what am I left with? Well, for my very first build, the Flying V, I actually had quite good success using Behlen spray on nitro. It was easy to spray on, didn't run (once I knew what I was doing) and tacked off quite quickly. And since I don't have to wet sand the Pollock, it seems like a convenient and stress-free choice for me to take. I even had a couple of cans of the stuff lying around!

And so it went. I ended up using the better part of two cans of Nitro on the body and headstock face. Firstly, I sprayed 5 coats of Nitro gloss. This was the better part of a whole can. I then moved to 5 coats of Nitro "Jet Spray" satin to finish off.

I must say, I'm really very happy with the results. You can still see the ridges and troughs where the splatter has gone on, but I was always planning on keeping them this time around. The lacquer has really popped the colour and I'm really impressed with the final look.

Now I plan to leave the lacquer a few weeks to cure. After that I'll be able to move on to assembly. Awesomeness!