Friday, 8 August 2014

James' Les Paul Jnr: More Butterscotch Wudtone, Custom Pickguard

James' Les Paul Jnr Double Cut is continuing very nicely indeed. Today I got the second coat of Butterscotch Wudtone on the body and the fifth coat on the neck and headstock. The photos look a little darker than they do in real life, but I do believe that the neck colour may have finally caught up to the body! There certainly isn't much in it. I reckon she's looking awesome! Not sure any more colour is needed - what do you think James?

I also got the scroll saw out and shaped a new pickguard and truss-rod cover from 3-ply tortoiseshell pickguard material. They both came out very nicely indeed.

I am a little concerned that there is little to no clearance between the fretboard and the guitar body itself. The 3-ply tortoiseshell material is a little thicker than the original single-ply pickguard that came with the kit, and this might mean that the new pickguard has to sit flush with the end of the fretboard rather than under it. I guess we'll have to suck it and see at this stage.

I think this time around, rather than add more screws to cinch the pickguard down onto the curved body, I might try heating the pickguard material up in the oven and then bending it to conform to the body shape. I've never tried this before, so maybe a little experiment is in order!