Friday, 14 November 2014

Black Ash Telecaster: She's Done!

Well today I put the finishing touches on the Black Ash Telecaster. I got myself a bone nut blank, shaped it for the Telecaster nut slot and filed the string slots. All in all it took me only about half an hour.

Amazingly, with the nut in and the slot heights adjusted for correct string height at the first fret, the imagined problems with high-action just melted away. I've got the saddles almost right to the bottom of their travel range, but she plays really nicely without any fret buzz. Possibly I could have gone down a little lower with a neck shim, but all in all I'm really happy with how she feels.

The Tru-Oil neck feels nice and fast, and I'm very happy with the Dingotone Guitar Wax on the fretboard. Maybe not as slick as Dr Ducks Axe Wax, but I know that it's keeping the colour locked in. So-too the Tonerider "Hot Classic" pickups sound great. They deliver a real punch when over-driven, and still sound crystal clear in clean mode. With just a touch of reverb this thing sounds just beautiful!

All in all I'm very pleased with this build. I've always wanted a black Tele, and now I have a great sounding, great looking shoe-gazer that I can thrash around the man-cave to my hearts content!