Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Surf Monster Telecaster: Done and Twangin

Well here she is - the Seafoam Green Telecaster! I put the finishing touches on this build today and I couldn't be happier with how she's turned out. The finish, composed of MTN94 spray colour and auto acrylic clear coats, looks about as close to a showroom job as I think I am capable of. I think she looks amazing. The Montana Colors MTN94 "R-6027: Luminouse Green" is just a perfect interpretation of Seafoam - I just love it. A big shout out to Harry Aznavoorian for steering me onto this colour in the first place!

I went with a standard white pickguard to give the whole thing as much of a vintage feel as I could. The neck and headstock is finished in clear Wudtone neck finish and feels nice and smooth to the touch. It's beautiful and playable. On the fretboard I've got Dr Ducks Axe Wax and nothing else. I added a set of roller string trees too. I really like the look of them, and hopefully they will lead to fewer string breakages.

The GFS Professional Series Vintage '63 pickups sound really nice. I went with the "Vintage Wound" bridge pickup, and I think I made the right decision. The question everyone is asking though, is do the GFS Professional '63s sound better than the Toneriders Hot Classics that I used in the Ash Telecaster? Well they both sound really great, and both completely different! The Toneriders are hotter and rockier, whilst these GFS baby's are twangier and surfier (if that makes sense). They actually sound perfect for what I wanted for this guitar! I'll try to get a sound comparison of the two posted soon so that you can decide for yourself.

All in all an amazing result given my limited skill set. I'm really loving these painted finishes at the monent. First the Johnny Ramone Mosrite and now the Surf Telecaster - and both look amazing. I'm already planning my next solid colour finish. Surely it is time for some more hot rod flames?