Saturday, 20 December 2014

Ash Les Paul: Shaping the Headstock

I finally got the headstock shaped this morning, and that marks the end to the woodworking for this build - phew! As usual, I used the LP headstock template from here:

Also as usual, it didn't quite fit the blank, but I just shifted it up until the sides of the blank and the sides of the template met at the top most point.

A bit or work with the jigsaw, the bastard file and slapwheel and she was finished. It took all of 15 minutes. I'm reasonably happy with the results - it's one of my better attempts with this template.

I'm considering a gloss black headstock for this build, with the neck stained the same colour as the back and sides of the body. It would be very similar to my PRS neck finish, whcih I ended up liking a lot. To be honest though, I'm still not sure. I may end up trying to dye the headstck at the same time as the neck.