Friday, 27 February 2015

Ash Stratocaster: None More Blue!

With Acrylic Ink confirmed as a worthy successor for blue Colortone dye, I decided to continue my experiements with blue Stamp Pad Ink. Stamp Pad Ink has been used successfully on a number of blue guitars out there in the forums, and the results have all looked amazing. I headed out today to my local Officeworks and returned to the man-cave with an $8 bottle of blue. The results? Well, nothing short of spectacular. Take a look for yourself..

Stamp Pad Ink: None More Blue!
Yep, you're eyes aren't playing tricks. Here I have applied the ink (and some Colortone black) to a test piece of pine. Man, this blue ink is *so* blue, and a brilliant blue at that! One might say it's none more blue (sic). It just leaps off the wood while soaking nicely into the grain at the same time. It looks nothing short of amazing. I reckon that if I grain fill with ebony Timbermate and colour with this stuff, I'll have one stunning Stratocaster on my hands. What do you guys out there on the interweb think?

Postscript 27/2/2015
Ok, so I've just been informed by Dingobass, the resident luthier over at Pitbull Guitars, that unfortunately the pigment in this kind of ink is not colourfast! That means that it will gradually fade over time and end up looking grey and shitty. Bummer! Well, at least I found out sooner rather than later. Looks like it's back to the experiments. Thanks DB!