Monday, 2 March 2015

Ash Stratocaster: More Dye Tests

I decided to do one more blue dye test today using my pine scrap body. This time it's back to big bad blue Colortone to get an idea for comparison. I tried two colours: 100% blue and a 50/50 blue/green mix - a combination that served me well on the Solid Body PRS build. Here are the results:

Colortone dye on pine - Blue and 50/50 Blue/Green.
The top left is 100% blue Colortone. I applied two coats of blue, and used a clean wet rag after the second coat to rub back out some of the colour and in doing do highlight the grain. The top right is 50/50 blue and green. The bottom left is 50/50 blue green bursting to 100% blue on the outside edge. As usual, the "turquoise" shades don't photograph well. I actually think this blue, and even the blue/green burst, doesn't look half bad. The only question mark is the ash body, which to my eye is a tad darker than this piece of pine.

Ash is a little darker than the my test piece of pine.
To be honest, I'm not sure how the colours will transfer to the ash, but I'm optimistic that the colour shades we see on the pine could be pretty close to those on the ash. Thoughts on this colour combination?