Monday, 30 March 2015

Pickup Winder: Power Supply & Counter

I little progress on the custom pickup winder today. I was able to install the electric motor into its mount, and also screw the magnetic switch into position above it. Thankfully, the mount seems to work very well and the motor is steady as a rock. Take that year 7 woodworking!!

Motor mount is sturdy and working well.
Motor and Magnetic Switch are mounted and ready to rock!

Over the weekend I was also able to glued some small pieces of wood in to the corner of the enclosure to create a bullpen for the 240V -> 12V power supply. With the glue dry, I was able to mount the power supply in its pen, and proceed to wire the 240V input into the end of an extension chord that I dismembered. The 240V is coming directly into the power supply without a fuse, so maybe I'll burn down my house first time out...

The power supply sitting in its bullpen away from fragile fingers

The dismembered extension chord providing 240V sans fuse.
To test the output voltage (24V) I wired it up to the power lugs of the counter. It worked! The counter lit up with 000000. I couldn't resist then hooking my magnetic switch up to the counter as well. Hmm no counting? WTF? Turns out you also need to supply a voltage to the switch so that the counter is actually receiving a signal with each blip. Doh - dunkopf! A couple more wires later though and I had the success I sought.

The counter is working nicely!
The power supply is now humming and the counter is counting quite happily as the magnet passes the magnetic switch! The next step is to get the electric motor controller connected to the 24V power and then its output lines to the electric motor to test the forward, backwards and speed controls. Fun, fun!