Friday, 27 March 2015

Pickup Winder: Electric Motor Mount

A little more progress today on the custom pickup winder. I cut the top off the enclosure to bring the height down to a half what I started with. It is looking much better now. The lower center of gravity will make the winder much more practical.

I also built the mount for the electric motor using two pieces joined by long bolts. I got the mount cut down to size, installed the securing bolts, and glued the bottom of the mount to the inside wall of the enclosure.

The two sections of the electric motor mount ready to install.
Gluing one half of the mount to the inside of the enclosure.
I also drilled a few holes in the back to let heat escape as I was too cheap to buy a prewired power supply. Unfortunately these holes have made the enclosure look like a rabbit hutch, but at least they are on the back where I (hopefully) wont be seeing them!

Holes for heat. The enclosure now looks like a rabbit hutch.
Over the weekend I should be able to get the components wired up to test that I understand the confusing Chinese labelling scheme and the way the bits and bobs fit together. With this done, it will be a relatively simple matter of finishing the woodworking so the enclosure is ready to accept them. I still have the control face and the lid of the enclosure to build, so that should keep me busy for a few more days at least!