Friday, 27 March 2015

Thinline Cabronita: Colour Coats

With the Ash Stratocaster still on the bench awaiting a bone nut blank, I had a chance to get back to the Thinline Cabronita which has been languishing with a single coat of primer for the last week or so.

After a very light wet sand with 800 grit wet/dry paper, I gave the body 2 more coats of primer and hung it overnight. Man, that body looked and felt pretty nice I can tell you! I could have stopped at matt white for this build without any qualms at all.

Wet sanding with 800 grit and a last coats of primer
With the primer dry I gave these last coats another light wet sand and then it was time for the colour coats. Just like I did for my Surf Monster Telecaster build, I have decided to go seafoam green for this Cabronita. That means getting the cans of MTN94 Luminous Green back out of the cupboard. I gotta say I really do love this colour, and it was a pleasure to be spraying it again!
The first coats of MTN94 RV6027 - Luminous Green
As usual, the MTN94 didn't disappoint. The first coat I laid down was a mist coat with much of the primer showing through. After drying for an hour in front of the IR lamp, I was able to lay down a second, more substantial coat. The results (shown above) are pretty damn pleasing I must say. That green just pops, and will look even better with some clear and a white pickguard :).

Anyway, the body went back under the IR lamp for the rest of the afternoon. I'm gonna let these coats lie for a couple of days now to make sure they are completely dry. I don't want any problems when the clear coats go on! One more coat of colour and I'll be able to lightly wet sand some of the orange peel away, then a final coat before moving to clear! That will be in a couple of days time. Hopefully!!