Friday, 8 April 2016

Ash Mosrite: Complete

The Ash Mosrite build was finally completed today, and I'm very, very happy with the results. I am now the proud owner of two DIY Mosrite copies!
Twins. What father could ask for more?
The wood tones of the subtle burst combined with the black single ply pickguard give this new Mosrite a real vintage feel. The whole look has steered right away from the Ventures II look, but I'm very happy about that. It's more along the lines of Mosrite's other models, with its tummy and arm cuts, as well as the soapbar P90s. It just looks so awesome hanging there in front of a Ramones t-shirt ;).

Geez, whose gut *is* that anyway?
Even with the cuts it's heavier than the Johnny Ramone Tribute build (that one is Basswood), but really feels very nice in the hands and against the body - all in all a very comfortable guitar to play. Thanks to the Tru-Oil finish, the neck is nice and slick, and the 0th fret has allowed the action to come right down. The acrylic gloss coats came out really nicely in the end although, as usual, the Ash grain was a real pig to work with. Sooo many pinholes to deal with!

Anyhoo, enough about those pesky, pinholes. Let's see some glamour shots of the finished guitar and I can wrap this build up and get on to the next one. My stack of unfinished kits isn't getting any smaller!

Glossy, Vintagey, P90-enriched goodness.
So far as the sound is concerned, all the hardware is stock except for the set of Entwistle X90s. Boy do those boys growl! This guitar sounds like a beast. Plenty of middle and low end, with an edgy attach and real punch when over-driven. It's the perfect sound for me and my, ahem, *minimalist* playing style. Hey, if it was good enough for Johnny....