Friday, 24 June 2016

Jazz Bass: Surf Green it is

Well, another basswood build, another dye attempt, and another clear-coat fail. There seems to be a curse on the Holgate man-cave. This build has now become the second (or is it third?) dyed basswood body to receive dye and then end up being a solid colour. The black was looking good for a while, but in my haste pre-coffee one morning I didn't look too closely at the can and sprayed a jet of white primer over the body instead of clear vinyl. Complete noob mistake and a bloody shame.

Anyway, after a few tears I threw my hands up in the air, sanded what I had flat again, and set about covering the whole thing in primer. Looking at what MTN94 colours I had in the cupboard, I decided on a surf-green finish (a bit of a default for me it must be said). The MTN94 Bali Green was dutifully extracted and a couple of coats applied. This is how she ended up.

Bass gets two coats of MTN94 Bali Green
I must say, I do like the colour, and it'll look great under some gloss clear. Once the colour has had tie to cure I'll start back on the clean vinyl in earnest. Fingers crossed.