Monday, 30 December 2013

Les Paul Jnr Double Cut: Polishing & Cavity Shielding

After a lovely christmas break, I finally got back to the Les Paul Junior today. First task was to polish the Minwax wipe-on poly finish using Colortone swirl-remover now that it's had time to fully cure. This process didn't actually add any more shine to the surface, but took away the 'plastic' feeling from the poly; making it beautful and smooth to the touch.

Once the poly had been polished, it was time to get the cavities shielded using adhesive copper foil. The pickup cavity and control cavity were completed with no issues. I also got the grounding wire from the bridge post installed, and soldered it to the control cavity.

All that is required to do now is to solder up the electronics and get the hardware installed. Should be well worth the wait!