Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Les Paul Jnr Double Cut: Wiring for a Single Pickup

Looking at the wiring for the Les Paul Jnr, I came across this interesting schematic from the Guitar Wiring Blog which provides for multiple tone options from a single, single-coil source. The circuit uses two on-on switches to provide both a tone bypass function and the choice of 2 different capacitance values when the tone circuit is engaged.

Here's how it works. Firstly we start with a standard single-pickup circuit with a volume pot and tone circuit:

We then add two cutoff switches (both controlled from the same physical switch) to provide the ability to completely remove the tone circuit when required:

To this we then add a second switch that selects between 2 separate capacitor values when the tone circuit is active:

And there you have it. Cool huh? A big thanks to the Guitar Wiring Blog for this idea.

For me this is an especially great idea for the Jnr as it only has the single P90. I have two push-pull 500K pots waiting on my workbench for just such an application, and so this seems too good an opportunity to pass up! I really think this baby is going to sound great with the tone bypass engaged. Makes me wish I could afford a new P90 pickup for this baby as well (I've had my eye on the GFS Dogear P90 for a while now) but the boss has frozen all guitar upgrade funds for the time being. This said, I'm planning on wiring in a wire terminator so that I can swap out the pickup very easily in the future :).